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Pneumatic valve actuator fault resolved

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Pneumatic valve actuator fault solution will choose the more suitable pneumatic actuator, cost-effective pneumatic actuator, then we must first understand the type of actuator, the actuator can be divided into pneumatic actuator and electric actuator, the more commonly used actuator is these two kinds of actuators, we will choose pneumatic actuator when purchasing. Then we have to choose the actuator according to the size of the air source, the torque required to turn the valve, the size of the turn does not understand, too large valve life is not long. It is generally OK to leave a margin of 30% for torque. The pneumatic actuator can be seen from the text that this type of execution device is operated by gas pressure. Compared with the electric actuator, it can adapt to more environments, and the reasonable structure makes its load greater, achieving the goal of high torque output. At the same time, the action is fast and the reaction is faster than the electric actuator. Of course, the electric actuator also has many advantages that the pneumatic actuator can not compare, the advantages of the pneumatic actuator is also the current electric actuator does not have, both have their own shortcomings and advantages. Therefore, under the continuous development of science and technology in the future, the cost performance of both will be greatly improved. Secondly, we assess the installed platform, each environment chooses the actuator, there is a standard for the actuator, we have to find the corresponding standard according to the valve will not be wrong. As a pneumatic actuator, in fact, its role in the valve is to make the valve device more convenient when used. Due to the access of the pneumatic actuator, this valve can drive the rapid linkage of the valve body parts when operating in the pipeline, which has a certain automatic effect, and because the actuator itself is energy driven, it is also valuable for the valve body opening and closing parts of the valve body. This valve is used to open and close fluid pipelines due to low fluid resistance

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