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Reasons for slow action of pneumatic butterfly valve


Pneumatic butterfly valve is slow? It directly affects the production and the operation of a subsequent machine. What is the reason for the slow action of the expected butterfly valve?

1. The pressure of the air source is insufficient. To increase the pressure of the air source, install a gas storage tank on the way to reduce the pressure fluctuation.

2. The flow rate is not enough or other devices with large gas consumption are working at the same time. Add an air storage tank and an air compressor to reduce pressure fluctuations.

4. The valve load is too large, and the valve spool or other valve parts are too tight and unreasonable. Refit, adjust valve torque.

butterfly valve

5. The friction of the cylinder fluctuates greatly. Proper lubrication

6. The pneumatic butterfly valve starts to jump and the load is too large. Increase the specifications of the AT pneumatic actuator.

7. The pneumatic butterfly valve jumps at the end of the action, the action is too fast, and the inertial energy is too large. Add a speed control valve or external buffer.

8. There is no signal from the pneumatic butterfly valve. Signal power line, short circuit, open circuit, repair the power line, readjust the cam to the correct position, and replace the micro switch..