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Electro-hydraulic Linkage Actuator Manufacturers

Electro-hydraulic linkage actuator, replace hydraulic systems with self-contained actuators operated solely by electrical power. Electro-hydraulic linkage actuator eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, simplifying system architectures and improving safety and reliability. 

This technology originally was developed for the aerospace industry but has since expanded into many other industries where hydraulic power is commonly used.

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  • The electro hydraulic linkage actuator is an actuator that drives the oil pump with a motor and controls the hydraulic oil cylinder to drive the valve to open and close. According to the different operation modes, Electro hydraulic linkage actuator can be divided into angular stroke electro-hydraulic linkage actuator and straight stroke electro-hydraulic linkage actuator. There are two types of actuators: fork type and rack type.

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